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ASCL provides specialist support to deliver customer services through sustainable and efficient asset management

UtilityUUtility service providers must be compliant with the highest, environmental, public health and customer service standards whilst operating and maintaining their asset base in an efficient and sustainable manner. They are often responsible for planning and delivering major capital investment programmes. The balancing act of maintaining customer, shareholder and regulatory confidence, in the context of a continuously evolving regulatory regime, is a tricky one which requires insight, experience, ingenuity and judgement.

Asset Solutions Consulting has all these qualities and working in partnership with our clients, can enable them to balance these competing demands and put their company on the front-foot in its dealings with the Regulator.

Our team have wide experience across a range of areas including regulatory reporting, investment planning and delivery,
leakage strategy, sewer flooding, asset modelling, rehabilitation planning and asset operations. The tools and services we offer enable companies to improve capital and operational efficiency, reduce energy use and drive improved performance, whilst enhancing the confidence of key stakeholders. Our experience brings insight into the key challenges faced by our clients, the ingenuity to develop novel and innovative solutions and the judgement to know how to promote these solutions within the business and wider stakeholder community.

Capital Investment Planning

The team at Asset Solutions Consulting has developed planning tools to enable companies to produce optimised strategic business plans. Underpinned by demand forecasting, deterioration modelling, unit cost modelling and whole life costing principals, we can help companies develop robust and auditable business plans to meet the challenge of forward looking, risk based planning in a heavily regulated business environment.

Delivery of Capital Investment Programmes

Successful delivery of the business plan requires tactical prioritisation of projects and work programmes. Our IPaD process is a flexible, multi-criteria decision support process; configurable to individual companies needs. A key benefit is to focus capital investment in those areas which will deliver the greatest benefit in terms of customer service and regulatory compliance, thereby maximising capital efficiency.

Business Processes Improvement and Benchmarking

Asset Solutions Consulting undertakes business process mapping and improvement work in a number of asset intensive sectors, including formal and informal benchmarking. In a continuously evolving regulatory environment, anticipating, understanding and interpreting the regulators requirements is not easy and the penalties for getting it wrong can be severe. Asset Solutions Consulting can support companies in developing and modifying their business processes to ensure they stay ahead of the game.

Driving Improved Performance

Providing the right information, to the right stakeholders, at the right time and in the right format is the key to improving operations and maintaining cyustomer , regulator and shareholder confidence. Asset Solutions Consulting have been proactive in developing approaches to reporting and managing performance, which move away from mere compliance reporting and place the company in control of its operations and in the driving seat with regulators.

Efficient Operation and Maintenance Strategies

The team have experience of working with companies to significantly improve asset reliability and reduce operating costs through the application of criticality assessments and root cause analysis, maximising efficiency by avoiding costly asset replacement where simple improvements in operation or maintenance would suffice.

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